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Kevin F. Davis is the president of TopLine Leadership Inc., a leading provider of customizable sales and sales management training programs that helps firms dramatically increase top line revenue growth.

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“This fast-moving, practical book shows you how to immediately boost the performance and productivity of every salesperson. It will make you look like a genius!”

Brian Tracy

Author, The Psychology of Selling

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How to Motivate a Derailed Sales Team To Get Back on Track

During the observation, I want to assess the skills and attitude of each person. Once I have that information I can identify the reps that can be part of the solution and those who are part of the problem. My priorities would be in three areas. 

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Great Sales Manager?

Sales management is, in my view, one of the hardest jobs in any organization. Sales managers have to master a wide range of skills and talents. Here’s a sample of what sales managers must understand if they want to achieve greatness. 

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Are You Sales Coaching or Just a Critic?

If you want to be perceived by your team as a helpful coach rather than a judgmental critic, you should be doing the following three things. 

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How Sales Managers Can Avoid Getting Blindsided By Poor Sales

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