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Kevin F. Davis is the president of TopLine Leadership Inc., a leading provider of customizable sales and sales management training programs that helps firms dramatically increase top line revenue growth.

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“This fast-moving, practical book shows you how to immediately boost the performance and productivity of every salesperson. It will make you look like a genius!”

Brian Tracy

Author, The Psychology of Selling

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4 Easy Sales Coaching Tips to Improve Your Team.

When it comes to sales management leadership, things can get over-complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best ideas. Here are four easy sales coaching tips, any one of which can help you become a more successful sales manager.

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Hiring Salespeople: 6 Must-Have Techniques for Making Better Hiring Decisions

Every experienced sales manager knows how costly it is to make a bad hiring decision because that bad hire takes a lot of your time and attention and then doesn’t contribute anything.  Here are six “must-have” techniques that successful sales managers can use when hiring salespeople. 

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Are Your Sales Managers underperforming? Here’s Why

Without a self-correcting framework, sales managers are reliant on their boss recognizing the problem and then being re-directed. And along the way, time, sales personnel and deals all get lost.

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How Sales Managers Can Avoid Getting Blindsided By Poor Sales

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