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Kevin F. Davis is the president of TopLine Leadership Inc., a leading provider of customizable sales and sales management training programs that helps firms dramatically increase top line revenue growth.

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“This fast-moving, practical book shows you how to immediately boost the performance and productivity of every salesperson. It will make you look like a genius!”

Brian Tracy

Author, The Psychology of Selling

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Sales Managers Should Avoid Multitasking Than to Master It

Take steps to make sure your day is not so quite fractured, which means managing your time more effectively. To do that you’ll need to identify and address any underlying challenges that cause you to waste time.  

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5 Important Things Successful Sales Managers Do Differently

Successful sales managers recognize that while they likely have the best sales skills of anyone on their team, the key question is not how good a salesperson they are. Instead, the crucial question is how effective that sales manager is at coaching salespeople to learn what the manager already knows about selling. Here are 5 important things that successful sales managers do differently to achieve better sales coaching outcomes.

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How to Motivate a Derailed Sales Team To Get Back on Track

There are other reps who are “part of the problem”—specifically reps with poor attitudes, whether they achieve great or bad results. I’d certainly want to work with them soon because a team can quickly slide further if a sales manager condones poor attitudes. But providing visibility to the bell cows and quickly raising the performance of my high-potential people would be my first steps.

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How Sales Managers Can Avoid Getting Blindsided By Poor Sales

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