The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness

Straightforward advice for taking your sales team to the next level!

If your sales team isn’t producing the results expected, the pressure is on you to change the situation fast. One option is to change out your salespeople. A better option is for you to optimize your performance as the sales leader. “The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness” provides a distinctly practical set of strategies, skills and tools that you can apply immediately to move your sales team ahead of the pack. In this book you will learn:

  • True sales leadership begins with improving the leader inside you. Discover the 6 sales rep instincts that can cripple your management effectiveness, and replace these instincts with a more powerful leadership mindset
  • How to stop getting bogged down by distractions, become more proactive, and find more time to coach, lead and inspire your salespeople
  • How to get every salesperson on your team to be more accountable and more driven to achieve breakthrough sales results
  • Seven keys to hiring great salespeople
  • How to create a more customer-driven sales team by blending the buyer’s journey into your sales process
  • Speed up the improvement of your team by mastering the 7 keys to achieving better coaching outcomes
  • How to excel at the most challenging coaching conversation you face – how to solve a sales performance problem that is caused by a rep’s lousy attitude
  • How to attain higher win-rates by intervening as a coach at the most critical stages of a buying cycle, more quickly identify opportunities at risk, and coach deals to success
  • Why so many salespeople fail at sales forecasting & how to impress your company’s upper management by submitting more accurate forecasts
  • And much more….

Sales management consultant Kevin F. Davis offers 10 practical, proven strategies for overcoming the most challenging obstacles sales managers face and driving a team to greatness. He describes specific approaches sales managers can apply immediately to take control of your time & priorities, become more strategic and deliver high-performance coaching that grows revenues.